Fasset Makes Financing Infrastructure Fluid, Frictionless, Functional

Facilitating the financing and trading of infrastructure assets Stay Updated

The Need for Sustainable Infrastructure

Financing sustainable infrastructure creates thousands of jobs, contributes to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and combats climate change

Why Invest in Sustainable Infrastructure?

Infrastructure assets are uniquely positioned to generate long term, resilient and stable social, economic and environmental returns

Structuring Modular Financial Instruments

Fasset digitizes the end-to-end issuance of asset backed financial products, unlocking significant cost and time savings

Customized Legal Markup Language for Infrastructure

Fasset’s proprietary LML technology automates the drafting of legal documents through templatization, creating a frictionless process for financing infrastructure

Enabling Global Access to Infrastructure Offerings

Tokenization allows asset owners to directly offload economic interest in their assets to registered investors on Fasset

Significantly Reducing Counterparty Risks

Fasset's blockchain technology automates compliance, transparency and immutability functions

Democratizing Access to Bankable Investment Opportunities

Fasset’s low-cost platform facilitates bankable and high-yield opportunities that are resilient and low-risk

Unlocking Significant Liquidity in Infrastructure

Fasset’s exchange introduces exit and portfolio diversification opportunities to traditionally illiquid assets


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